Anatomy – Bones


Guys! Let’s learn a little about anatomy?
“Are you ready, kids?”
“Aye, aye, Captain!!”
Anatomy is one of the first subjects that I learnt in my medicine school and is very important to learn that if you want to be a surgery or radiologist.
The basic of anatomy are the bones! Bones of the human skeleton! It provide structural support for the body, protection of vital organs, where blood cells are produced and a storage area for calcium.

Now, you ask me:
“But, man, how you’ll teach us about human skeleton in this post?”
and I answer you:
“with Tokyo Ghoul manga!!!”

In the chapter 75 from Tokyo Ghoul manga, Kaneki teach few things about anatomy:

The adult skeleton has 206 bones (but when we are born, we have 300 soft bones).


Yeah, Kid the Death. The skeletons are symmetrical! Well… i don’t mean that skull on the picture…


Poor Kid… or poor guy who is having your bones broke. IDK.


Bad taste joke >.<


Run, girl. RUN!!!


Assassination classroom? o.O”

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One Response to Anatomy – Bones

  1. 0205marky says:

    Kaneki; you learn many things from him. LOL

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