My distance friend

My own text

Well… sorry for my bad english… i know i have much to improve yet…

The topic about the text i wrote is “my distance friend”… it is almost a love story…

It’s a short story that I wrote before I sleep. I was very tired, but I hope you enjoy to read it…

My distance friend

Slowly I had walked toward her. My last goodbye. The choice: one hug. One big and long hug. I couldn’t thought that i was going to say goodbye for this person. My loved friend.

Do you remember when we had fun in that japanese restaurant?
Yeah, my friend… I will never forget that time.
You were eating a lot. I was surprise because that! But now i know that you loved this kind of food. I had try many new foods! The taste was really good!

Do you remember when we went to the museum?
So many old pictures! It was really interesting! We enjoyed to see those arts. After that we laid on the grass near to your house and watched the clouds on the sky. Some clouds were too similar as the museum’s arts…

And the party? Do you remember?
It was one of the best moments of my life! Specially because you were there with me. You were so funny! Just your smile was the best thing of the day for me!

We said goodbye for each other. You needed to finish your university, as like me.
I couldn’t understand why you live so long and distance from me…
Your major looked really difficult and I prayed everyday for the best to you.

In this time I was studying too. I was stydying for my tests and for talk with you in your native language!
During the time that we were on the university, I really missed you.

And finally, after 2 years, we met each other again. One more hug. Not more the goodbye hug, but the welcome hug. Welcome back, my great friend, to the world beside me.

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